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elegantly homespun in Maine

16 Nov

Brahms/Mount is housed in an 1866 textile building along the Kennebec River in Hallowell, Maine. With the sights, sounds and smells of antique looms and fibers in the air, it’s apparent this is a unique place. A modern day version of Maine’s long and storied textile history. A place where lush textured blankets and throws are woven one-at-a-time the old fashioned way in a variety of fibers with artful patterns and Maine Cottage hues, including warm neutrals. Each style was originally designed by founder and artist Claudia Brahms. We feel a kinship with Brahms/Mount and want to share the unique elegance of their home textiles.

Claudia Brahms, designer

1800s spinning in Maine

Hallowell, Maine

antique looms – today

reclaimed 1866 building

herringbone blankets

rich texture, pattern and color