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a gift that's Always Giving

2 Dec
Maine Cottage Gift idea

Give your true love (or yourself) a Maine Cottage sofa this year – custom finished in 200 fabric choices. Place an order by December 24th and we’ll deliver it for FREE. Details

Maine Cottage Gift idea

SNEAK PREVIEW: the art of custom Stripe Tease

18 Nov
Stripe Tease fabric in 38 Maine Cottage colors

custom Stripe Tease on a Nina Chair
available in 38 colors

Part 2 of the Sneak Preview is our playfully modern Stripe Tease pattern – available soon custom printed in your choice of 38 Maine Cottage colors. As we mentioned in the previous post, the wondrous benefit is you’ll soon (1 day, tops) be able to order our Stripe Tease and Hotty Dotty patterns in your choice of 38 colors on a weighty white 100% linen fabric. 5 or more yards at a time. Imagine the possibilities… coming soon!

SNEAK PREVIEW: custom Hotty Dotty

17 Nov

Maine Cottage is entering the textile digital age with custom fabric printing. What does this mean for you? The amazing benefit is you’ll soon (1 week, tops) be able to order Hotty Dotty and Stripe Tease fabrics in your choice of
38 Maine Cottage colors on a weighty white 100% linen fabric. 5 or more yards at a time. Stay tuned… it’s so new you won’t find it on our website.

Hotty Dotty fabric in 38 Maine Cottage colors

custom Hotty Dotty on a Nina Chair
Maine Cottage yellows & greens

custom sofas get a Free Pass

11 Nov

For those of you pondering gift ideas for the coming holidays, a custom finished Maine Cottage sofa, bed or dresser – or any furniture order of $2000 or more – is the ultimate stocking stuffer. Not literally, of course, but orders placed by
December 24th will be delivered FREE nationwide by our White Glove service.

Maine Cottage Free Pass

The fun part is choosing fabrics and colors. That’s where we come in. Our professional Design Consultants are here to guide you every step of the way. And if you truly want something to put into the stocking, then we’ll provide photography of the piece(s) rendered in the exact color or fabric. If you’re unsure of the color and want to to let the lucky recipient make the decision, then that’s fine too.

Maine Cottage Free Pass

make room for Guests

5 Nov
Maine Cottage Monty Sleeper Sofa

Everyone enjoys the versatility and practicality of a Sleeper Sofa. Each one is custom-upholstered in the Maine Cottage fabric of your choice. And these are not the lumpy, bar-in-your-back sleepers. They’re are among the finest, cushiest and most supportive you’ll find. We have several other styles too to suit your taste and space. Turn any room into a guest room in Maine Cottage style.

Maine Cottage Monty Sleeper Sofa

swivel with Nina and Simon Chairs

25 Oct

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

Spin like it’s 1958. Our brand new swivel chairs give you the freedom to twirl and whirl. Even pirouette. New swivel versions of our popular Nina (above) and Simon (below) Chairs join our Woodrow Swivel Chair for those who prefer the versatility of a more kinetic living space. Take one for a spin in 200 Maine Cottage fabric choices.

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

synonymous with Simplicity

22 Oct

Is the word “hammock” enough to bring a smile to your face? A sense of peace and relaxation? It’s an iconic image of SUMMER. Free floating, suspended midair without a worry in the world. Bare feet. Soaking up the sun or keeping cool in the shade of trees. Hammock is synonymous with simplicity. Siesta. Easy living. Fun.

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

Hence the name Hammock for these Maine Cottage fabrics. Textural, cool and relaxed, Hammock fabrics are constructed for carefree indoor and outdoor use. Hammock’s a hardy synthetic fabric with a relaxed feeling (or “hand”) and protected by spill and stain-resistant Nano-tex. Easy to care for and easy to live with – in beautiful Maine Cottage colors. How’s that for simplicity?

Maine Cottage Hammock
Maine Cottage Hammock Fabric

Maine Cottage Hammock fabrics (clockwise): french blue/navy, hot lime, zinnia, wave, clay, marine, bluebell, white, buttercream and french blue .

Maine Cottage Hammock fabric Maine Cottage Nina Chair in Hammock fabric

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage