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Maine Cottage fabric designer, Anita Strods Dore

25 Jun

Anita is the talented artist and designer of Maine Cottage printed fabrics. Anita’s designs reveal her mastery of shape and pattern paired with a sophisticated color sensibility and style. First drawn or painted, each concept is then transferred to Anita’s computer to determine scale, repeat and colorways using our 40 Maine Cottage colors. Ultimately, the designs are reviewed by our merchandising group, then printed. The results are elegant, bold, light-hearted designs printed on crispy linen fabric.

Anita Strods Dore

Anita Strods Dore

Below are several examples of Maine Cottage fabric designs created by Anita. Her prints include: Ann’s Labyrinth, Branchberry, Carmen Veranda, Dilly, Fern Leibowitz, Grand Mum, Jubilee, Just Dandy, Leaflette, May Flower, Rambler, Really Rosie, Sea Biscuit, Shelly, Summer Bloom, Tweet Suite and Wallflower. Several of her designs have also been translated to exclusive Maine Cottage lamps by Boston-based artist Jill Rosenwald. To see our full assortment of Maine Cottage fabrics, please click here

Maine Cottage May Flower

Jill Dining Chair in May Flower

Ruben Hassock

Ruben Hassock in Sea Biscuit

Sea Biscuit

Maine Cottage Sea Biscuit

Maine Cottage Wallflower

Phoebe Chair in Wallflower

Phoebe Chair in Wallflower

Nina Chair in Ann's Labyrinth

Nina Chair in Ann’s Labyrinth

Ann's Labyrinth

Maine Cottage Ann’s Labyrinth