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SNEAK PREVIEW: custom Hotty Dotty

17 Nov

Maine Cottage is entering the textile digital age with custom fabric printing. What does this mean for you? The amazing benefit is you’ll soon (1 week, tops) be able to order Hotty Dotty and Stripe Tease fabrics in your choice of
38 Maine Cottage colors on a weighty white 100% linen fabric. 5 or more yards at a time. Stay tuned… it’s so new you won’t find it on our website.

Hotty Dotty fabric in 38 Maine Cottage colors

custom Hotty Dotty on a Nina Chair
Maine Cottage yellows & greens

make it Pop with Mango

1 Oct

Welcome to October with a more gargantuan post than usual (apologies for image load time). It was so much fun looking at orange “things” we thought we’d share the visual experience. Red-orange, orange, and yellow-orange are hues that pop! They are warm and uplifting. Full of a joyful energy and zest that’s hard to resist.

Our Maine Cottage Monty loves mango too: Grand Mum, Pure Linen and Sea Biscuit. Paint drops (from top): buttercup, mango, sun, white, ale, pear and clay.

Andy Warhol’s portrait of Lucille Ball (scroll down) says it all with that carrot top hair and hilarious expression. Maine Cottage mango is a striking orange too in fabrics and as an accent color. Combine it with other warm colors, including greens and neutrals for balance and good cheer. The right blue emphasizes contrast.

a modern retro bunk room: Design New Jersey

11 Aug
Design New Jersey magazine

We love the bunk room shown in Design New Jersey Magazine. The colors are for children, yet not childish. There’s room to grow in this space – tweens, teens and beyond. The interior designer chose Maine Cottage for several rooms in this home, including a cool bunk room. Our Shutter Bunk Beds in a dark color with a contrasting ladder is a fun idea – and emphasized by sophisticated accessories. Best of all, if the kids tire of bunks, they can peel them apart into twin-sized Shutter UTE Beds.

Maine Cottage Bunk Beds in Design New Jersey magazine

Shutter Bunks in Mango


Shutter Bunks in Pickle



Shutter Bunks in Blackbird


the Simplicity of a Flounder

7 Aug

The easygoing Flounder resides in coastal lagoons and estuaries of the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. A familiar form, the subtle flounder varies extraordinarily in color and pattern according to its surroundings. A talent we typically associate with chameleons. One not completely different from how we choose to furnish our own living spaces – unique places that suit our lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Places where we feel happy and comfortable – at home.

A Summer Flounder’s natural ability to live in perfect harmony with its environment is remarkable. The subtle, yet rich depth of color, texture and pattern of this fish are pleasing to behold on their own and enhanced even more by its complementary pebbly habitat.

Surprisingly, a Maine Cottage Audrey Chaise in Clay Granula fabric and an Atlantic-dwelling flounder of the sandy-bottomed sea have things in common. A stretch of the imagination? Surround yourself with the understated simplicity of warm, textural neutrals on comfortable seating to experience the same calm repose of this unflappable fish.

There are flounders of a different ilk too. Still extraordinarily adept at the art of melding within their element, a blue-dotted Peacock Flounder is exquisite within its vivid rocky Pacific abode.

Like a Peacock Flounder (LOVE that name), an Audrey Chaise in porch/bluebell Hotty Dotty is playfully pleasing to the eye. Its color and simple repeating dot pattern combine effortlessly with Audrey’s rolling form and blend with other complementary colors. A Peacock Flounder would feel right at home. What kind of Flounder are you?

refreshing Greens

24 Jul

Maine Cottage greens are as fresh and rejuvenating as the ones in your garden, a mid-summer meadow, a leafy forest canopy. They are all around us and we love them. Easy ways to bring the soothing qualities of the outside inside, greens encourage a peaceful sense of renewal. With names like Pear, Sprout, Moss, Pickle, Hot Lime and Celadon and a wide range of complementary Maine Cottage fabric choices, think of filling a room with greens like planting a garden. One you can enjoy all year round.

Maine Cottage greens (l to r): Pear, Sprout, Moss, Pickle, Hot Lime and Celadon

Maine Cottage pieces shown above: Small Unsassy Mirror in pickle, an Artichoke lamp, a Simon Chair in hot lime Gumball and a Nellie Lingerie Dresser in pear.

summer's Cooking

21 Jul

Summer cookouts are the best. Finding creative ways to prepare food for them can be tricky. Hot dogs and burgers are reliable staples, of course, and it’s great to have a veggie accompaniment too. Our chef friend Liz Tarpy developed this versatile rendition of an all-time favorite: Red Potato and Zucchini Salad for added cookout (much needed?) sophistication.

We’re collaborating with New York City-based chef friend Liz Tarpy of Teaberry Productions on a Maine Cottage Cookbook. Liz has worked as a culinary editor and researcher, recipe tester, and food stylist at the Food Network since 2003. Shows include Iron Chef America, Emeril Live, Paula’s Home Cooking, and Boy Meets Grill.

a sweet Florida bedroom suite

17 Jul

Thank you to Florida Architecture for including images of this Maine Cottage-furnished bedroom suite in the July 2010 issue of its magazine. They specialize in coverage of upscale Florida Homes.

It’s always fun for us to see how customers use our Maine Cottage furniture, fabrics and colors. This room is very striking with bright blues, yellows and whites on painted pieces and Summer Bloom fabric for the upholstery and window seat combined with the more subtle neutrals of the walls and rug against that deep reddish brown floor. It would be fantastic as a guest room or youth bedroom space. We love it.

in this room: Calvin Bed, Nellie End Tables, pillows and window seat in Summer Bloom fabric and Monday Baskets.

in this room: Fiddlehead End Table, love seat in Summer Bloom fabric, Della Dining Table, Edna Chairs, Tall Cubbie Case with Monday Baskets and an Island Media Case.