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a comfy beachfront cottage – Edisto Island, SC

12 Oct

When my husband and I started renovation of our 1970’s beachfront home last year, it was completely gutted down to the studs. We wanted it to feel like an old cottage with white washed walls, ceilings and wood floors. I was familiar with Maine Cottage through their website and had ordered lamps, rugs and accessories for our home in Virginia.

We visited Maine Cottage in Charleston with only a sample of our counter top material. We wanted our cottage to feel warm and inviting, but withstand the wear and tear of sand being tracked in from the beach. We also were concerned with space and storage limitations. And we wanted COLOR!

The Maine Cottage staff spent hours working with us. We were so satisfied with the color selections and quality of the furniture and accessories that we decided to order more pieces blending natural woods with colored pieces. We absolutely love everything.

The entire staff at Maine Cottage Furniture is very dependable and creative. They were excellent with follow-through and getting back to us promptly. It has been a pleasure working with Amy. She went above and beyond the call of duty making the trip from Charleston to Edisto multiple times to help with our selections and to add the finishing touch. The result is exactly what we wanted. It’s perfect! I would highly recommend Maine Cottage Furniture.
Denise, South Carolina

what to do with Blues

26 Aug

a Celia Dining Room

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

One Study by Laurie Hadlock

Surround yourself with blues in concert with warmer, even saturated colors for a calmingly livable space – with a bit of surprise. Play with amounts and position for expression or something more sublime.

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

Light of Day by Laurie Hadlock

a Sadie Living Room

Medium blue hues invite a contrasting color in red-orange, orange or orange-yellow for balance and depth. A goldfish in a bowl is very telling color story. Or the sun sitting roundly against a clear afternoon sky.

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

Wild Dusk by Laurie Hadlock

an Emily Home Office

Layering blues together allows you to observe each color individually and blended together in one pleasingly tranquil whole. Blue with white or white with blue is a wondrous balance of depth and light – like the reflection of sunshine on fresh snow.

a Della Dining Room

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

The Stand by Laurie Hadlock

Express yourself at home with color. Maine Cottage colors. Colors in artwork. Colors you love. Blues are as cool, calming, pure, uplifting and deep as the sea and sky by day. And at midnight illuminated by the moon. Blues are fun and easy to live with in amounts great and small – try variations of solid blues, in prints and textures alike. Combine them with lighter and/or warmer colors. Above all, create a living space that makes you happy.

Maine Cottage blues (clockwise): wave, winter, china blue, marine, french blue, bluebell, sea and true blue

Suzanne Siegel, watercolor artist

10 Jun

Suzanne is new to Maine Cottage, but not new to Maine. Resident of Connecticut, she spends a lot of time here taking walks in search of ideas for compositions. Her vision of the coastal landscape includes relationships between figures, architecture, land, sea and sky, with an emphasis on light and atmosphere.

Suzanne exhibits throughout the Northeast, in solo and group exhibitions. She’s currently represented by Maine Cottage among other Maine galleries.

Morning Barns

Morning Barns I, 2010, watercolor on paper, 12 x 16

Deer Isle Red Roofs

Deer Isle, Red Roofs, 2009, watercolor on paper, 13.5 x 21

Harbor Moon III

Harbor Moon III, 2010, watercolor on paper, 19.5 x 27

Find out more about Suzanne Siegel on her website: www.suzannesiegel.net.

Greg Frangoulis, artist & furniture designer

1 Jun
Greg Frangoulis

Greg Frangoulis has designed many furniture styles for Maine Cottage over the years – wicker , upholstery and wood. He once hand-painted our old Fish Chairs for customers one-at-a-time. A ceramicist and skilled craftsman in many mediums, Greg’s the quintessential jack-of-all-trades. Currently, he creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind sculptural chairs, benches, frames and mirrors (see below) using architectural salvage from his collection of antique wood and period details.

Greg lives in Portland, Maine with his partner and artist Nance Parker. Together they own and operate the community-based Shoestring Theater. Greg can often be seen dancing on his stilts in their parades alongside Nance’s colorful papier mache masks and costumes.

Essaouira, Morrocco

Astor Place – Two Stories Under

Maine Cottage Edie Chair

Original drawing of Edie Chair by Greg

the talented Laurie Hadlock, an artist

27 May

Is there someone you think is exceptionally talented? Laurie Hadlock is one of those people for Maine Cottage. We’ve loved working with Laurie over the years on nearly every creative aspect of our company’s marketing efforts. This included the design, layout and editing of our first Colorbooks and initial foray onto the world wide web. Her photography, drawings, handwriting and copywriting in our printed advertising have been invaluable – including our beloved Maine Cottage logo. Most recently, she has styled our room setting photography.

Modest and good-humored, Laurie’s adept eye for color, placement and style has been essential in developing our Maine Cottage brand’s spirited personality. Here’s a clip from our 1998 Colorbook (left) done by Laurie and Carol Bass in lower tech times when we showed products as line drawings (below) and made layouts with scissors and glue!

Maine Cottage product line drawings by Laurie circa 1990s

Laurie “in action” at our photo shoots

Laurie’s life outside of Maine Cottage is rich with her own artwork. With a style reminiscent of American artists Milton Avery and Fairfield Porter, we love the simplicity of Laurie’s coastal landscapes and her more abstract studies of color and pattern. A perennial customer (and Maine Cottage crew) favorite in our stores, Laurie works primarily with oil and acrylic paints, but also does beautiful printmaking and black & white photography. Below are a few recent 6×6 paintings shown on her “Friday Painting Posts” blog. Visit her blog and website: www.lauriehadlock.com, to see the full breadth of her beautiful work. Enjoy!

Dance Study

After Rain 2

After Rain

Dusk Study

Two Study

Afternoon Study

Alice Kirkpatrick, Maine artist

26 May

The paintings of Alice Kirkpatrick fit into our Maine Cottage store room setting “vignettes” beautifully. Alice likes to capture quiet places in Maine that reveal more about the human spirit by their emptiness than those that bustle with human activity. She is inspired by light, and the power it holds to move us, whether inside our own private spaces, or out in the world. Alice works primarily in acrylic, preferring its immediacy and the ability it gives her to work quickly and intuitively. See more: www.alicekirkpatrick.com.

Morning Light

Between Meals

A Sense of Place

5 May

“Over the years, the vital, complicated ebb and flow of our family life – with all its accumulated flotsam of conversations, debates, birthday parties, cocktail parties, home-movie showings, homemade ice-cream crankings – shapes our cottage’s personality, one which seemingly grew and changed as we did.”

Martha Andrews Donovan’s “Harpswell Notes”
Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors

painting by Laurie Hadlock

“Shingling” by Maine artist Laurie Hadlock