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SNEAK PREVIEW: the art of custom Stripe Tease

18 Nov
Stripe Tease fabric in 38 Maine Cottage colors

custom Stripe Tease on a Nina Chair
available in 38 colors

Part 2 of the Sneak Preview is our playfully modern Stripe Tease pattern – available soon custom printed in your choice of 38 Maine Cottage colors. As we mentioned in the previous post, the wondrous benefit is you’ll soon (1 day, tops) be able to order our Stripe Tease and Hotty Dotty patterns in your choice of 38 colors on a weighty white 100% linen fabric. 5 or more yards at a time. Imagine the possibilities… coming soon!

SNEAK PREVIEW: custom Hotty Dotty

17 Nov

Maine Cottage is entering the textile digital age with custom fabric printing. What does this mean for you? The amazing benefit is you’ll soon (1 week, tops) be able to order Hotty Dotty and Stripe Tease fabrics in your choice of
38 Maine Cottage colors on a weighty white 100% linen fabric. 5 or more yards at a time. Stay tuned… it’s so new you won’t find it on our website.

Hotty Dotty fabric in 38 Maine Cottage colors

custom Hotty Dotty on a Nina Chair
Maine Cottage yellows & greens

all things Bright and Beautiful

21 Oct

Paula lives here along the coast of Maine where she has worked with us for two years to assemble this bright, beautiful living area – piece by piece and fabric by fabric. She’s very proud and excited about the outcome. And so are we! Here’s a great picture from her.

Maine Cottage look

What an invitingly warm and colorful living space! We love her choice of a Maine Cottage Adeline Sofa, Simon Chair and Ruben Hassock in Rambler and Just Dandy print fabrics with painted Fiddlehead End and wicker Cooper tables. A Tulip Lamp by Jill Rosenwald in a simple, proportionate form with coordinating colors adds interest. The repetition of soft greens, yellows with some red pull the whole area together with ease. Congratulations, Paula! Thanks for sharing.

rules of the Reds?

20 Oct
Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage

When to use red and when not use red? There are no rules, but red works magic at igniting every single color in the rainbow – Gretchen Schauffler, Devine Color

Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. – Pablo Picasso

Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.
– John Ruskin

Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage

Those who turn themselves over to the exuberance of red are fully rewarded by what the color offers, great celebration. – Gretchen Schauffler, Devine Color

Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage
Maine Cottage

All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.
– Marc Chagall

six ways to Sunny

18 Oct

There are 6 (or more) ways to do just about everything in life. Decorating your home is no exception. Here’s an example of a sunny room where we’ve chosen a Maine Cottage color grouping and played with the sofa color only – in 6 different ways. The effect of one shift in hue can be subtle or dramatic – depending on the size, amount and placement. Curious about color and composition ideas for your home? We make it easy to custom finish furniture to your taste. Call us for a furniture and color consultation.

Audrey Room in yellow

Here’s a sunny well-composed room of warm whites, yellows, yellow-oranges and saturated oranges. A hint of red give it extra pizazz.

Audrey Room in light brown

For a lighter, brighter room try combining varied whites and soft yellow-oranges. Fabric patterns, wall color and pure orange give it punch.

Audrey Room in light brown

Experiment with neutrals warm and cool. The surrounding yellows keep this room warm and light.

Audrey Room in medium brown

A brown hue can be truly neutral if you want the sofa to recede – but the pillows and walls keep it from becoming too flat.

Audrey Room in dark brown

A large amount of red-orange brown as a neutral gives a room balance and depth when combined with lighter accents.

Audrey Room in dark brown

A richer reddish brown neutral gives this room the 6th way to a robustly sunny room.

what to do with Blues

26 Aug

a Celia Dining Room

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

One Study by Laurie Hadlock

Surround yourself with blues in concert with warmer, even saturated colors for a calmingly livable space – with a bit of surprise. Play with amounts and position for expression or something more sublime.

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

Light of Day by Laurie Hadlock

a Sadie Living Room

Medium blue hues invite a contrasting color in red-orange, orange or orange-yellow for balance and depth. A goldfish in a bowl is very telling color story. Or the sun sitting roundly against a clear afternoon sky.

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

Wild Dusk by Laurie Hadlock

an Emily Home Office

Layering blues together allows you to observe each color individually and blended together in one pleasingly tranquil whole. Blue with white or white with blue is a wondrous balance of depth and light – like the reflection of sunshine on fresh snow.

a Della Dining Room

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

The Stand by Laurie Hadlock

Express yourself at home with color. Maine Cottage colors. Colors in artwork. Colors you love. Blues are as cool, calming, pure, uplifting and deep as the sea and sky by day. And at midnight illuminated by the moon. Blues are fun and easy to live with in amounts great and small – try variations of solid blues, in prints and textures alike. Combine them with lighter and/or warmer colors. Above all, create a living space that makes you happy.

Maine Cottage blues (clockwise): wave, winter, china blue, marine, french blue, bluebell, sea and true blue

do you See what I Sea?

9 Jul

There are many names for it – sea green, sea blue, aquamarine, turquoise and wave. It’s the color of ocean and sky. Cool, refreshing and clear. You can almost hear the gentle lapping of waves. The roar of surf. Bluegreens are soothing, uplifting and invigorating in nearly every shape and form. Living with them is too.

Maine Cottage Molly Rocker in bluegreens and blues, including our newest Maine Cottage color: Sea