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25 Jan

We LOVE it when you send photos of Maine Cottage furniture you have in your home. And tell us how you’re enjoying and living with it. We also LOVE old family photos. The ones that bring a smile to your face. Good memories of visiting or living near the coast, a beach, island or lake, your childhood, time spent with family and friends. And all the fun, adventures and experiences. We love hearing from you.
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Maine Cottage

a Tropical State of Mind

20 Jan

Palm trees are always a happy sight.
A welcome respite. Especially when it’s January, 20°, and snowing. Tall and leafy they sway in breezes light and bow in strong. Palms are more than just “trees”. They’re a symbol of paradise. Relaxation. Vacation. Steamy heat. Sipping cool drinks. Soaking up the sun. Our 100% sun-loving polyester Fern Leibowitz outdoor fabric celebrates this tropical state of mind. Now in four more Maine Cottage colors as shown on a teak Edwin Chair.

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Fern Leibowitz in porch & hot lime

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Fern Leibowitz in french blue & celadon

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Being in a tropical climate is an invitation to wear it and carry it. Clothing, handbags, jewelry are a few of the many ways to luxuriate in tropical, beachy surroundings. Joyful. Light and airy. Create your own spirited outdoor “vacation spot” on a patio, poolside or porch with Fern Leibowitz on our solid teak and colorful all weather wicker furniture. Perfect for dining and reclining. If you’re in or around Florida in the coming months, please stop by our store in West Palm Beach. We’d love to see you.

New Englanders in Florida

put it in Neutral

6 Jan
put it in Neutral

“Putting it in Neutral” is a nostalgically outmoded way of slowing a car. Coasting. Stopping. Parking. Responding with hands-on immediacy. Driving with a stick requires focus, finesse and thought. It’s straightforward. No frills. Fun. It puts you in control. Forget cellphones, MP3 players or eating breakfast. Driving with manual gears requires your full attention.

Julianna Bedroom Painting by Jane Ryan

Just how “automatic” crept in and took over cars is unclear. Some call it easier, more convenient. But is it beneficial to lose the nuances of being the one in control? To be so easily distracted by 10 other things when you’re trying to accomplish one? Some of us are naturally better multi-taskers than others, but it’s not essential in everything we do. Maybe the real trick is to “single-task”. Resist the sometimes sneaky complexity of what is presented as “automatic”. No offense, of course, to those who revere an automatic transmission! Once you switch, it’s truly hard to go back…

Julianna Bedroom

Shifting gears (pun intended), imagine you’re considering decorating a room or two in your home. Maine Cottage is a furniture company afterall. How about taking the stick shift approach to your project? Deliberate and focused. One thing at a time. And if it’s simplicity and nuance you’re hankering for, then consider limiting your choice of styles and colors as we’ve shown in this post. These colors (mostly quite “neutral” in tone) are intended to express the spirit of “the big idea”, but personal preference is the rule. Simplify is the sentiment.

Less visual complexity makes a space easy and elegant. Subtle colors can have the same uplifting appeal as the reds we’ve presented this week. An interplay that is both warm and cool. A focus that’s further enhanced by a visual variety of rich, understated textures (ie: fabric, bedding, pillows, window treatments, rugs and various accessories). Thoughtfully handpicked and placed by you to create a unified composition. Not 10 different competing ideas, but one that resonates with singular clarity. Pleasingly your very own. This is overdrive. Let the coasting begin.

where the red Rhubarb Shows

5 Jan
Phoebe Chair Phoebe Chair Phoebe Chair

While we’re on the subject of RED and how colors make us feel, let’s remember our surface designer and colorist friend Anita Strods Dore and this visually appealing slideshow about developing and choosing color. In this case, our very own Maine Cottage color: Rhubarb. You can watch the high resolution version on our website: Finding Rhubarb Slideshow or the not-quite-so-good one via YouTube.

Finding rhubarb

you’re confection…..Honeysuckle rose

4 Jan

Ev’ry honeybee…. fills with jealousy
When they see you out with me
I don’t blame them….goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose

When you’re passin’ by….flowers drop and sigh
And I know the reason why
You’re much sweeter….goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
– Louis Armstrong

Maine Cottage Guest Bedroom

It’s not just red, pink or magenta. It’s uplifting and festive. A sensory experience. Pantone (color experts) calls it “Honeysuckle” and declared it the 2011 color of the year. We thought you’d like to know. If you’re in the Maine Cottage school of thought, you’ll agree that even a small hint of reds, red-pinks, and red-violets give a room (or wardrobe) a similar burst of energy. Maine Cottage rhubarb, shrimp, zinnia and even smoothie fall into this category of pinkish warm reds. And remember how fantastic these warm hues look with cooler blues, bluegreens, greens and neutrals for added drama and stimulation. A bouquet of fresh flowers or a fruit smoothie can have the same invigorating effect on a January day.

2011 Pantone: Honeysuckle

Maine Cottage Family Room

Maine Cottage china blue Luxe Yuri and Ann’s Labyrinth with artwork by Carol Bass

Maine Cottage Fabric

Maine Cottage red fabrics

Wicker in warm hues

Rhubarb red with neutrals

Maine Cottage Windsor Chairs

Maine Cottage Windsor Chairs. Reds combine well with other colors

making an Entrance with Martha Stewart

2 Jan

cover: January 2011

Thank you Martha Stewart Living magazine for including our new solid oak Ogden Long Bench in the January 2011 issue under Great Finds. Martha Stewart Living says “their decorating mission has always been to create rooms that are functional, yet relaxed and inviting – in short, spaces that are about living.” Evidently, we are very like-minded as we could not have said it better. Ogden features a brushed finish and is happy to hold up to 4 Monday Baskets.

Ogden Long Bench

Ogden Long Bench in milk

Ogden Long Bench in Martha Stewart Living

enjoy it in Living Color

1 Jan

If Netflix, NFL or PBS Kids is a favorite pastime in your house, then why not do it with style? Maine Cottage Island Media Cases bring color, character and practicality to your family’s tv room.

Maine Cottage 2/3 Island Media Case with Glass Doors

2/3 Island Media Case with Glass Doors in pear

Maine Cottage Island Media Case with Glass Doors

Island Media Case with Glass Doors in celadon

Maine Cottage Island Sound Cabinet

Island Sound Cabinet in porch

Are the parts, pieces, and cables in your home entertainment space an unsightly tangled mess? Declutter with an attractive Island Media Case in 40 color choices.

Maine Cottage Island Media Case

Island Media Case in bark

Maine Cottage Island Media Case

A family room with an Island Media Case in sea