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wear your Stripes like a Star

1 Jul

Yes, stripes are chic. If anyone can pull it off it’s Audrey. There’s Audrey of “My Fair Lady” and there’s Audrey of Maine Cottage. Both look sensational in stripes of varied widths and colors. Flattering to your figure or living space when paired with more subtle elements (like solids), stripes make a fashion statement. Not ready to make the leap to striped furniture? How about a nice plump, stripy Ruben Hassock?

Audrey in Taffy

Audrey in Stripe Tease

Audrey in Rhubarb Isle

Audrey in Taffy

Ruben Hassock in Stripe Tease

Ruben Hassock in Clover Cheshire Stripe

Ruben Hassock in Cobblestones