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you make my Heart Beat Willy-Nilly

14 Feb
Maine Cottage bedroom

Valentine, you make me silly;
You make my heart beat willy-nilly;
When I’m with you, the world is hazy;
Valentine, you drive me crazy!

Valentine, when we’re apart,
My need for you goes off the chart.
Will you be mine? Can I be thine?
Say you’ll be my Valentine!

J. Fuchs

It’s not about fancy repertoire, flourishes and embellishments… At the core it’s about starting, stepping and pausing with the music. All the rest is icing on the cake.

Chris Corby

Maine Cottage bedroom

Beginners want to dance like intermediates; intermediates want to dance like advanced dancers; advanced dancers want to dance like the greats; but the greats always go back to basics.


Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but love’s with us every day. Romantic love, yes, if we’re lucky. And a love for fun, food, music and dance. We love our families, good friends and being at home. At Maine Cottage, we love simplicity. Back-to-basics simple. The kind that means living essentially in a beautiful, practical way. No bells, whistles or extravagance. Comfortable, enduring, inspired, even extraordinary. A place where you’re so content that your heart may (spontaneously) beat willy-nilly!

Maine Cottage


give your Pooch Panache

7 Feb
Maine Cottage Bella Bed

Bella on her Bella Dog Bed in sea Hotty Dotty

Meet Bella

There are scads of ways to spoil your family’s Fido. A dog’s an important family member. An expression and extension of your personality, style and taste. The breed you choose, naming him/her, a handsomely original collar and leash… a pooch is fun to accessorize. And what better way than on a bed that fits in with your favorite Maine Cottage colors and home furnishings?

Maine Cottage Zelda Sofa

Maine Cottage Zelda Sofa in sea Pure Linen with throw pillows in sea Hotty Dotty

We’ve been told how much Fido likes Maine Cottage. This bit of useful insight inspired us to create beds of equal comfort and style. Our Bella Dog Bed (Bella herself is modeling it for us above) is an answer for how to give your pooch the originality and comfort he/she so richly deserves. And you can order one in more than 200 Maine Cottage fabrics to suit your taste. They’re available in 2 sizes, slipcovered with water and stain-resistant Nano-tex protected 100% linen or 100% polyester outdoor fabric, and wrapped around upholstery grade cushions.

Looking at the assortment of beds below you’ll quickly recognize, well, you can come up with your own response… Suffice to say, if you love Maine Cottage, then your dog will love and appreciate a Bella Bed.

images shown are from a variety of sources including Pet Smart, FetchDog, LL Bean and Orvis

home made Living Rooms

12 Jan
Maine Cottage

“It’s not houses that I love, it’s the life I live in them.”

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel

Maine Cottage

Living in your house requires rooms. Rooms made to live in. It may seem obvious, but so often “living” is overlooked for how a room “looks”. Truth is, the living rooms in your house are what you make of them. So make them versatile. Create places to relax with family and friends, read and rest. Create a home.

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

Maine Cottage

The important thing is this: Let how YOU want to live in your home be your guide in decorating. It’s all about personal needs and priorities. We’re a little biased at Maine Cottage toward invitingly casual, lighthearted, flexible rooms of great practicality. Multigenerational living spaces that’ll withstand many years of the wear, tear and fun of spending time together. Would you expect anything less? And take our word for it, living in rooms you love is what “home” is all about.

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

Maine Cottage

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

stack and rack with Maine Cottage Bunks

28 Oct

Let the wild rumpus start! Children, grandchildren, sleepovers, family and friends. Having enough beds can be a challenge. Having solid, safely built beds that can withstand juvenile antics can be an even greater challenge. Maine Cottage Shutter Bunk Beds solve all of the above…and below.

Maine Cottage Bunk Room

Made with weighty maple and indestructible construction methods, these beds nest together with strength and presence – in your choice of 40 Maine Cottage colors.

Maine Cottage Bunk Room

Versatility is yet another virtue: the bunk beds may be stacked together with top side rails and a ladder or peeled apart into two twin beds – sans the side rails or ladder. That is, two Shutter UTE Beds. UTE is our acronym for “Under The Eaves”. The UTE headboard is shorter (8″) than our standard Shutter Bed.

Maine Cottage Bunk Room

Shutter UTE beds are perfect for older homes with tricky angles, dormers and alcoves. And less space-consuming for bunk and guest rooms. They come in full and queen sizes too – to fit more monkeys in a bed. Yes, let the wild rumpus start!

Maine Cottage Bunk Room

Wheel a Trundle Bed or Roly Basket underneath for added sleeping and storage space.