a Wale of a Fabric

27 Jan
Maine Cottage Luxe Wale swatches

Luxe Wale in hot lime, sun and zinnia

Maine Cottage Luxe Wale in zinnia

Luxe Wale in zinnia – up close

Richly textured 100% cotton Luxe Wale upholstery fabric on a sofa or chair is like wearing your favorite corduroys. Familiar, casual, relaxed. You know them and love them. Luxe Wale is woven with vibrant yarn-dyed chenille and small scale cotton yarns in a pattern that creates a subtle, appealing ribbed “wale” surface. And those lush colors? Wow. Perhaps they speak for themselves. They’re custom-dyed to coordinate with the rest of our Maine Cottage colors. Our Luxe fabrics: Wale, Waffle, Loop and Yuri give you an unusual and appealing opportunity to get your hands on designer quality fabric without the “To the Trade Only” rigmarole. Available on our furniture and by-the-yard. Imported from Italy. Try it, you’ll love it.

Maine Cottage Luxe Wale in zinnia

Luxe Wale in pear – up close

Maine Cottage Luxe Wale swatches

Luxe Wale in true blue, pear and bluebell



25 Jan

We LOVE it when you send photos of Maine Cottage furniture you have in your home. And tell us how you’re enjoying and living with it. We also LOVE old family photos. The ones that bring a smile to your face. Good memories of visiting or living near the coast, a beach, island or lake, your childhood, time spent with family and friends. And all the fun, adventures and experiences. We love hearing from you.
Tell us your Story!

Maine Cottage

sitting on the Loops of Luxury

24 Jan

Sittin’ in the lap, sittin’ in the lap,
Sittin’ in the lap of luxury, sure feels good to me.
Sittin’ in the lap, sittin’ in the lap,
Sittin’ in the lap of luxury, sure feels good to me. – Louie Louie

Luxe Loop is a yarn-dyed double construction fabric woven with 100% cotton bouclé on the surface and tightly twisted cotton yarns beneath it giving the surface a “nubby” texture. This combination gives it exceptional structure and feel. You’ll love these designer-quality Maine Cottage Luxe fabrics: Loop, Waffle, Wale, Yuri and several Neutrals. Available on our furniture and by-the-yard for your home projects. Imported from Italy through an exclusive arrangement, Luxe fabrics are custom-dyed in richly saturated and neutral Maine Cottage colors alike.

room images top to bottom in Luxe Loop: norma chair, phoebe chair, button throw pillow, clara bed, nina sofa, button throw pillows

a Tropical State of Mind

20 Jan

Palm trees are always a happy sight.
A welcome respite. Especially when it’s January, 20°, and snowing. Tall and leafy they sway in breezes light and bow in strong. Palms are more than just “trees”. They’re a symbol of paradise. Relaxation. Vacation. Steamy heat. Sipping cool drinks. Soaking up the sun. Our 100% sun-loving polyester Fern Leibowitz outdoor fabric celebrates this tropical state of mind. Now in four more Maine Cottage colors as shown on a teak Edwin Chair.

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Fern Leibowitz in porch & hot lime

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Fern Leibowitz in french blue & celadon

Maine Cottage Edwin Chair

Being in a tropical climate is an invitation to wear it and carry it. Clothing, handbags, jewelry are a few of the many ways to luxuriate in tropical, beachy surroundings. Joyful. Light and airy. Create your own spirited outdoor “vacation spot” on a patio, poolside or porch with Fern Leibowitz on our solid teak and colorful all weather wicker furniture. Perfect for dining and reclining. If you’re in or around Florida in the coming months, please stop by our store in West Palm Beach. We’d love to see you.

New Englanders in Florida

light & Bright in House Beautiful

19 Jan

We happily discovered our Windsor Arm Chairs in the February 2011 issue of House Beautiful in an article “Light & Bright” about the makeover of a “Cape Cod-style cottage” in Venice, CA by interior designer Alexandra Angle. Angle refers to the newly finished house as being “young, light, and happy”, which is exactly how we like to characterize the Maine Cottage style. Read an interview with Angle about the project. See some of the light, airy rooms below.

Maine Cottage in House Beautiful

Maine Cottage Windsor Armchairs

“It’s like one of those long, beautiful ribbon candies in white and blue, with yellow stripe. It’s young, light, and happy. Houses need to make you experience a feeling, and each room should tell a story.”
– Alexandra Angle, House Beautiful

“The whole point was to have something that would show wear and tear, like those older East Coast country houses. That’s why I like painted furniture that will distress with elegance. It’s not going to look worse as dirty hands touch it.”
– Alexandra Angle, House Beautiful

photographs by Victoria Pearson

a Joyful Exhilaration

15 Jan

yippeee! it’s a SALE: 10% off furniture

Experience the exhilaration of living your life with the happy lightheartedness of a child. Naturally expert at keeping life simple, children have a wonderful sense of fun and clarity on what truly matters.

Maine Cottage Midwinter Sale

photo courtesy of kaboom.org

It’s our sole aspiration at Maine Cottage to offer a similar sense of joyful exhilaration by keeping it simple to decorate your home in a beautiful, thoughtful way. If you love our aesthetic and want it in your home (house, cottage, cabin, camp, condo, apartment, beach house, you-name-it), then you’ll love our way. Our way is easy. Our way will make you happy. And hang onto your hat, it’s going to fun!

Maine Cottage Midwinter Sale

Large print: our annual Midwinter Furniture Sale is a good solution for a brand new year. Plan ahead now for delivery to your home in time for the Spring and Summer seasons. You’ll thank yourself – and us for the encouragement. We’ll take 10% off all furniture orders placed by February 26, 2011 with a $195 flat rate or FREE nationwide “white glove” home delivery (details). Peruse our website and call us to discuss your home ideas and plans. We’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Fine print: this offer is for new orders of furniture only and may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.

inside The Whittaker Collection

13 Jan

Thank you to our friend Nancy Gordon (formerly of Maine) for including us in The Whittaker Collection. A brand new website highlighting home design, designers and artisans. The Maine Cottage portfolio includes a brief Q+A with our very own Retail Operations Manager Sara Meyer. The Whittaker Collection is based in the Ocala, Florida area. Visit the impressive and inspiring The Whittaker Collection online or find a a brief description from the website below.

Maine Cottage in The Whittaker Collection
Maine Cottage in The Whittaker Collection

“GREAT HOME DESIGN, like all great design, withstands the test of time, enduring through changing trends and fashions. THE WHITTAKER COLLECTION brings together the creative talents and expertise of a very special, carefully selected group of designers and artisans whose work epitomizes the scope of great home design. THE PEOPLE AND THEIR WORK represented here have been chosen for the quality of their craft, their refined design sensibilities, and their established place within their respective fields. OUR PURPOSE is to introduce and connect you to these exceptional designers and artisans.” – The Whittaker Collection, http://www.thewhittakercollection.com