a-tisket, a-tasket Maine Cottage Baskets

4 Nov
Maine Cottage Monday Baskets in a Tall Cubbie Case

Green and yellow baskets can be celadon and buttercup. Pear and petal. Or porch and sun… each one’s as bright and happy as Ella herself. With 40 Maine Cottage color choices you’re bound to find one or more you like.

Robust Maine Cottage wicker baskets with solid pole rattan frames are extraordinarily substantial, versatile and practical. Can you ever have too much storage space? They’re a wonderful opportunity to bring a little color into your living spaces too. Here’s a brief gallery for inspiration.

Tall Cubbie Case with Monday Baskets

Maine Cottage Monday Baskets Maine Cottage Monday Baskets

Ogden Long Bench with Monday Baskets, Tall Cubbie Cases with Monday Baskets in 40 colors

Maine Cottage Alice Basket Maine Cottage Wicker Trudie Trunk

Alice Baskets, Trudie Trunk

Maine Cottage Tuesday Wicker Basket Maine Cottage Roly Baskets

Tuesday Basket, Roly Baskets

Maine Cottage Ida Basket Maine Cottage Trudie Trunk

Ida Basket, Trudie Trunk

Maine Cottage Monday Basket Maine Cottage Tuesday Basket

Monday Basket in Bay Coffee Table, Tuesday Basket

Maine Cottage

image: Bryan Derballa, The Wall Street Journal


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