synonymous with Simplicity

22 Oct

Is the word “hammock” enough to bring a smile to your face? A sense of peace and relaxation? It’s an iconic image of SUMMER. Free floating, suspended midair without a worry in the world. Bare feet. Soaking up the sun or keeping cool in the shade of trees. Hammock is synonymous with simplicity. Siesta. Easy living. Fun.

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

Hence the name Hammock for these Maine Cottage fabrics. Textural, cool and relaxed, Hammock fabrics are constructed for carefree indoor and outdoor use. Hammock’s a hardy synthetic fabric with a relaxed feeling (or “hand”) and protected by spill and stain-resistant Nano-tex. Easy to care for and easy to live with – in beautiful Maine Cottage colors. How’s that for simplicity?

Maine Cottage Hammock
Maine Cottage Hammock Fabric

Maine Cottage Hammock fabrics (clockwise): french blue/navy, hot lime, zinnia, wave, clay, marine, bluebell, white, buttercream and french blue .

Maine Cottage Hammock fabric Maine Cottage Nina Chair in Hammock fabric

Maine Cottage Maine Cottage

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