six ways to Sunny

18 Oct

There are 6 (or more) ways to do just about everything in life. Decorating your home is no exception. Here’s an example of a sunny room where we’ve chosen a Maine Cottage color grouping and played with the sofa color only – in 6 different ways. The effect of one shift in hue can be subtle or dramatic – depending on the size, amount and placement. Curious about color and composition ideas for your home? We make it easy to custom finish furniture to your taste. Call us for a furniture and color consultation.

Audrey Room in yellow

Here’s a sunny well-composed room of warm whites, yellows, yellow-oranges and saturated oranges. A hint of red give it extra pizazz.

Audrey Room in light brown

For a lighter, brighter room try combining varied whites and soft yellow-oranges. Fabric patterns, wall color and pure orange give it punch.

Audrey Room in light brown

Experiment with neutrals warm and cool. The surrounding yellows keep this room warm and light.

Audrey Room in medium brown

A brown hue can be truly neutral if you want the sofa to recede – but the pillows and walls keep it from becoming too flat.

Audrey Room in dark brown

A large amount of red-orange brown as a neutral gives a room balance and depth when combined with lighter accents.

Audrey Room in dark brown

A richer reddish brown neutral gives this room the 6th way to a robustly sunny room.


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