for the love of Wallflower

13 Oct
Maine Cottage Smoothie Wallflower

The word “Wallflower” conjures up memories and images of flowers we’ve seen in places at many points in our lives. A cottage garden bursting with blooms. In a painting, sketch or print. A vase of field picked wildflowers. The wallpaper in an old summer house. Wallflowers are abundant in many shapes and forms on fabric, wallpaper, stationary, artwork and in our surroundings. And always uplifting to behold.

Maine Cottage Hot Lime Wallflower

Maine Cottage Wallflower fabric design is a modern day nod to vintage floral wallpapers. From the 1930s to the 1970s wallpaper was commonplace in residences – in a variety of translations, sizes and colors. Below are clips of vintage wallpapers that exemplify the “roots” of floral designs from which we drew inspiration – then applied our Maine Cottage style and color to create a fabric print that’s light and fresh. We are now discontinuing it (sadly) to make room for new fabric designs.

Jill Chair in Hot Lime Wallflower

Jill Chair in Buttercream Wallflower

Jill Chair in French Blue Wallflower

Jill Chair in Smoothie Wallflower

Maine Cottage Wallflower

Maine Cottage Hot Lime Wallflower


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