multi-generational island retreat: Fripp Island, SC

11 Oct

Set against a landscape of pristine waterways and forests, Fripp Island is South Carolina’s most seaward barrier island and vacation home to three generations of family – with a main house (above) and a 3500 square foot guest house and pool where extended family can spillover into a comfortably relaxed and FUN setting. The owner worked closely with our Charleston store crew, including Sara Meyer, to plan and fill many rooms in this family compound.

Maine Cottage on Fripp Island, SC

Main house – Fripp Island, SC

Maine Cottage Bedroom

Island Bunks, Roly Baskets, Molly Rocker

“Just to repeat, Sara, what I told you about the pleasure of working with you and Maine Cottage on our beach house. I recall the day we sat down at the planning table around 10:00 in the morning and by 5:00 p.m. that same day we had planned the whole entire guest house. It was a joy working with you and I was amazed at how easy the process was.”

Maine Cottage Dining Room Tables & Seating

“Maine Cottage samples and furniture made it so easy to choose what I wanted. The colors are so well coordinated and the furniture is on a scale that fits in most any size room. So, we didn’t have to second guest our choices. I love the finished look and am very pleased with everything. The furniture, colors and fabric are always cheery and pleasing and not one that you would get tired of looking at. Thanks for all of your help and your friendship in this process. Thank you, too, for the quick follow-up with any questions I had after the job was finished.”
All the best, Judy R.

The full article about this island beach house can be found on the digital version of Charleston Style & Design magazine.


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