step aside Humdrum

8 Oct

Magazines and catalogs are filled with enticing images of homes filled with colors and styles you love. Do you ever look at your home and wish you could change a room or two? Begin afresh? Ask yourself “Where do I begin and how do I create a room like that?” When the task seems too great, you stick with what is “safe”: Humdrum.

Step Aside Humdrum

Why settle on ordinary when your home can be extraordinary? Strikingly fresh Maine Cottage styles in 40 colors and +200 fabric choices make pulling together rooms and entire homes a cinch. And we’re here to guide you every step along the way. Simply choose your favorite styles, colors and fabrics and we’ll have everything custom-finished and delivered to your residence. Coordinating lamps, rugs and pillows are icing on the cake. It’s that easy. Step aside Humdrum.

WOW! I love it

The colorful style of Maine Cottage may be what catches your eye, but it’s the delightful service, ease of working with us, and extraordinarily beautiful results in your home that’ll get you hooked. A “WOW! I love it” moment come true.


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