make it Pop with Mango

1 Oct

Welcome to October with a more gargantuan post than usual (apologies for image load time). It was so much fun looking at orange “things” we thought we’d share the visual experience. Red-orange, orange, and yellow-orange are hues that pop! They are warm and uplifting. Full of a joyful energy and zest that’s hard to resist.

Our Maine Cottage Monty loves mango too: Grand Mum, Pure Linen and Sea Biscuit. Paint drops (from top): buttercup, mango, sun, white, ale, pear and clay.

Andy Warhol’s portrait of Lucille Ball (scroll down) says it all with that carrot top hair and hilarious expression. Maine Cottage mango is a striking orange too in fabrics and as an accent color. Combine it with other warm colors, including greens and neutrals for balance and good cheer. The right blue emphasizes contrast.


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