southern comfort by Carol Bass

30 Sep

Here’s another interior by Maine Cottage co-founder Carol Bass. This time in a brightly-lit guest cottage (some would say “beach house”) near Charleston, South Carolina. Carol and partner Bob Newton collaborated to renovate and furnish this comfortable cottage from top to bottom using a wide variety of furnishings, including Maine Cottage, Carol’s original artwork, and a handmade dining table by Bob Newton.

an eat-in kitchen with Maine Cottage Ilka Chairs, dining table by Bob Newton

Seating near kitchen with a Maine Cottage Stella End Table, Column Lamp in Dilly, and sofa in our Luxe fabric with sculpture on wall by Carol Bass.

Sunny living room with a sofa in Maine Cottage Grand Mum fabric, Tulla Tuffet, Cottage End Table and a Column Lamp.

Comfortable seating in Maine Cottage fabric, Tulla Tuffet, Round Cottage End Table and a Column Lamp.

Carol Bass is an artist, author, interior designer and cofounder of Maine Cottage. She is the author of three books: The Cottage Book, Maine Living and Color Your Home.
Carol’s blog

One Response to “southern comfort by Carol Bass”

  1. Lori LaRochelle October 1, 2010 at 6:59 am #

    As always your colors are fresh and beautiful, I’d love to see some of your fabric come out with a more fall line of colors for my more northern Maine projects. Keep up the great work my coastal customers love it!

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