defining a Family Heirloom

28 Sep
Maine Cottage Jackie Chairs
Maine Cottage Butternut Dining Table

If you have furniture that was passed down from your parents or Aunt Erma or Uncle George (for better or worse), then you know it’s something that has endured from one generation to the next. A family heirloom. The worn sheen and dings – even smells give it character. Traces of family use and enjoyment through the years – by a multitude of family members. If you love the piece, sentimental value can’t be overstated. But what’s at the root of furniture that endures the tests of time?

Heirloom quality ANYTHING seems like a lost, undervalued art. We’ve been living in “disposable” times – making it easy to lose sight of what matters most: being with family, being together at home – having fun. Just think of those family dinners!

A good dining table is an example of a potential family heirloom. The materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail are paramount – with a beautiful aesthetic result. The practical design and artistry of fine woodworking set our furniture apart. Maine Cottage dining tables are made one-at-a-time in New England by local artisans to meet the aforementioned criteria. They’re ready for a lifetime of enjoyment. Find a dining table or furniture style you love and begin your own family tradition.

Family Dinner

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