chairs of a Wingback feather

24 Sep
Maine Cottage Owen Chair

Maine Cottage Owen Chair

Wingback chairs date back as far as we can see and beyond. Designed in an abundant range of styles over time, basic features remain true today: a broad straight back and “wings” at angles of 90 degrees or wider. It’s believed the original purpose of “wings” was to prevent drafts or protect the delicate skin of gentrified ladies in the 18th century from the heat of a roaring fireplace.

If necessity was the mother of the wingback chair’s invention, then we’re thankful for it. What other style chair matches the comfort and ease of a wingback? We looked around and found an abundance of interpretations of this beloved seating design – all refreshing and sometimes humorous. You can change the size, color and shape, but the fundamental form of a wingback remains delightfully the same. The Maine Cottage Owen and Eloise Chairs each have their own modern day design twists with the fabulous versatility of +200 fabric choices. Thank goodness for the 21st century!

Maine Cottage Eloise Chair

Maine Cottage Eloise Chair

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