discover coastal Maine Garden Color

14 Sep
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Do you love color? Colorful gardens? Then plan an expedition up the Maine coast to visit the world class Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay. It’s a truly amazing sensory experience. The craggy coastal woodland setting is full of meticulously designed gardens connected by an extensive trail system that leads you through diverse native and hardy plantings in rocky outcroppings, pocket gardens, natural and formal spaces with handcrafted stonework, delightfully placed sculpture and other works of Maine art, and soothing water features.

The colors, textures and forms of the gardens in September and October are, of course, rich with depth as they change and fade. Or become more apparent with the absence of their summer foliage against the woodland backdrop. Golden yellows, bright oranges and warm reds of shrubs and late blooms are abundant. The Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens vibrates with artful beauty, life, discovery and surprise at every turn. Bring your children or grandchildren to explore the amazing children’s garden. Stop by and visit us in Yarmouth on your way.

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

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