elegant long-wearing Pure Linen

2 Sep

It’s easy to LOVE crisp clean linen fabric with its soft, breathable natural fibers. Cool breezy linen may be revered for elegant warm weather attire (for good reason), but linen fabrics are also in vogue for their unlimited creative potential, utility and durability in home furnishings.

Color, color and more color. The unparalleled ability of linen fabrics to optimize color vibrancy make our richly-textured, custom-dyed Maine Cottage 100% Pure Linen fabrics aesthetically irresistible and incredibly durable for lasting use at home. And on SALE right now for 25% off by-the-yard.

Maine Cottage Pure Linen (clockwise): sea, mango, chocolate, poppy, white and porch

Libby in Linen

white Pure Linen

Norma in Linen

sprout Pure Linen

Jack Dining in Linen

mango Pure Linen

Throw Pillows in Linen

poppy & oatmeal Pure Linen

In the era of “being Green” it’s worth mentioning that linen fibers (from parent plant Flax) are relatively environmentally sound. Flax requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than cotton, for example, and is ecologically-correct as every piece of the Flax plant is used in the linen production process. There’s no waste. This, or course, is not to mention how many years of pleasing beauty and enjoyment linen will provide for you and your home. More on Maine Cottage linen (PDF)

Simon Chair in Pure Linen

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