a salty Sea Biscuit surprise

9 Aug

Sea creature-inspired Maine Cottage Sea Biscuit fabric is a fun way to bring a spirited abstraction of saltwater life into your living space. Spinning like bicycle wheels, pinwheels or starbursts, the pattern is loose and light. Full of surprise.

Sea Biscuit

So simple in its complexity. The recognizable round form, symmetry, and graceful floral pattern of a real Sea Biscuit (like a sand dollar, sea urchin or star fish) with it’s subtle dotted texture make it infinitely pleasing to the eye. And playful as a repeating organic pattern printed on our crispy linen blend fabrics.

Sea Biscuit

Frankly, the 3-dimensional qualities of a sun-baked Sea Biscuit make it look good enough to eat. Like a piece of meringue or a marzipan confection. Yum! Our fabric may not have quite the same culinary appeal, but it’ll be delicious as an accent (throw pillows, ottoman, hassock – a chair or love seat!) in 6 colors from ocean-y blues to tangy orange and red. We invite you to have fun with Sea Biscuit fabric.


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