wholesome New Neutral fabrics

2 Aug

Like a good breakfast cereal, new Maine Cottage Luxe neutral fabrics are wholesome and pure in pleasing, complex textures. With names like Granula, Husk and Furrow in rich Maine Cottage milk, ivory, bark and clay colorways, these yummy blended woven fabrics are silky, strong and breathable with an easy, relaxed drape. Best of all, they combine beautifully with all of our colors – in amounts great and small. Request a swatch of these splendid fabrics to experience them firsthand. Also available by-the-yard.

Maine Cottage NEW Luxe Neutrals (l to r): Clay Granula, Ivory Husk and Bark Furrow

Maine Cottage neutral colors (l to r): Ivory, White, Bark, Milk, Moss and Clay

Maine Cottage NEW Luxe Neutrals (l to r): Milk Granula, Bark Husk and Ivory Furrow

Maine Cottage Luxe neutral room: Wilton Chair in Granula with a Button Pillow in Pure Linen, a Mother of Pearl Ball Lamp, a Romeo End Table, a Romeo Coffee Table, a Wilton Apartment Sofa in Granula with a throw pillow by Pablo Mekis (store only), Square Flanged Throw Pillows in Pure Linen and a complementary Seagrass Rug

Discover how textural neutrals with a splash of color are visually pleasing, sophisticated ways to give a room or whole home balance and punch.

Inspiration for neutral texture and color balance is all around us

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