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join the parade to our Furniture Floor Model Sale

30 Aug

There’s still time to join the fun. Summer’s coming to an end, but not our big Furniture Floor Model SALE. We still have a delightful selection of Beds, Dressers, Seating, Occasional Tables, Desks, Wicker and Upholstery in a variety of spirited fabrics and festive colors – perfect for the whole family. All 10% – 40% off. Hop on your bike or call us for details and furniture availability. We deliver furniture nationwide via our “white glove” home service.

Maine Cottage Floor Model Sale

Fine print: Furniture floor models are first-come, first-serve and priced as marked. All sales of discounted furniture are final and may not be combined with other discounts or offers, including our usual flat rate or free home delivery service.

tweet suite dreams, Abby

27 Aug

We’re happy to hear that our customers’ canine companions are able to enjoy the comfort of our furniture too. Dear old Abby looks resplendent slumbering on her Maine Cottage vintage rattan Romeo sofa freshly covered in french blue Hammock with throw pillows in true blue Tweet Suite and ale Stripe Tease. Sweet dreams!


“I thought you would be pleased to know that all the members of our family are enjoying the furniture! This is Abby, who is actually not allowed on the furniture – ha!”

– Leslie, Atlanta, GA

what to do with Blues

26 Aug

a Celia Dining Room

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

One Study by Laurie Hadlock

Surround yourself with blues in concert with warmer, even saturated colors for a calmingly livable space – with a bit of surprise. Play with amounts and position for expression or something more sublime.

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

Light of Day by Laurie Hadlock

a Sadie Living Room

Medium blue hues invite a contrasting color in red-orange, orange or orange-yellow for balance and depth. A goldfish in a bowl is very telling color story. Or the sun sitting roundly against a clear afternoon sky.

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

Wild Dusk by Laurie Hadlock

an Emily Home Office

Layering blues together allows you to observe each color individually and blended together in one pleasingly tranquil whole. Blue with white or white with blue is a wondrous balance of depth and light – like the reflection of sunshine on fresh snow.

a Della Dining Room

Painting by Laurie Hadlock

The Stand by Laurie Hadlock

Express yourself at home with color. Maine Cottage colors. Colors in artwork. Colors you love. Blues are as cool, calming, pure, uplifting and deep as the sea and sky by day. And at midnight illuminated by the moon. Blues are fun and easy to live with in amounts great and small – try variations of solid blues, in prints and textures alike. Combine them with lighter and/or warmer colors. Above all, create a living space that makes you happy.

Maine Cottage blues (clockwise): wave, winter, china blue, marine, french blue, bluebell, sea and true blue

Kate Winn, Maine Artist

21 Aug
Maine artist Kate Winn

Coastal landscape paintings by Maine artist Kate Winn are alive with light and emotion. The simple forms and symbols within Kate’s compositions are deliberate and considered. They resonate with a sense of time and purpose that create a strong connection to place. The more abstract elements combined with richly warm colors bring them to life. We LOVE her use of reds.


View of the Ocean

Around the Corner

Around the Corner

We have several of Kate Winn’s wonderful paintings in our Maine Cottage stores and just discovered one was chosen for the cover of an LL Bean catalog. Find out more about Kate Winn by visiting her website: Kate Winn Studios.

Morning Sail

Morning Sail

Maine Boat House

Maine Boat House

end-of-summer Furniture Floor Model Sale

16 Aug
Maine Cottage Floor Model Sale Maine Cottage Floor Model Sale

Have you heard? Maine Cottage is having a big end-of-summer Furniture Floor Model SALE: 10% – 40% off. Come visit or call us for details and furniture availability.

There’s a wonderful assortment of Sofas, Chairs, Beds, Dressers, Seating, Occasional Tables, Desks, and Wicker in a variety of fabrics and colors. Furniture floor models are priced as marked and ready to go in the trunk of your car or by arranging a White Glove Home Delivery – nationwide within the USA. Ask our store crew for details.

Fine print: Furniture floor models are first-come, first-serve and priced as marked. All sales of discounted furniture are final and may not be combined with other discounts or offers, including our usual flat rate or free home delivery service.

late summer's Slow Food

14 Aug

You don’t have to be Julia Child to indulge in some late summer French cooking. Ratatouille is a Provencal vegetable dish with a long history of interpretations of how to cook it best. Chef friend Liz Tarpy of Teaberry Productions has yet another “spin” on this famed dish. Liz’s version is full of sweetly stewed garden fresh flavors and true to its humble roots. Make a trip to the garden or green grocer and turn summer’s bounty into a savory side or main dish. Try Liz Tarpy’s Ratatouille recipe.

Julia Child


We’re not gourmet cooks here at Maine Cottage, but the thoughts and sensory associations that go along with the fresh colors, smells, textures and forms of a garden’s August harvest are so beautiful. And so brief. It’s no wonder we want to pile them all into one dish and pop them in our mouths. Mmmmmmm. Make sure to have lots of crusty bread to sop up the juices.

a modern retro bunk room: Design New Jersey

11 Aug
Design New Jersey magazine

We love the bunk room shown in Design New Jersey Magazine. The colors are for children, yet not childish. There’s room to grow in this space – tweens, teens and beyond. The interior designer chose Maine Cottage for several rooms in this home, including a cool bunk room. Our Shutter Bunk Beds in a dark color with a contrasting ladder is a fun idea – and emphasized by sophisticated accessories. Best of all, if the kids tire of bunks, they can peel them apart into twin-sized Shutter UTE Beds.

Maine Cottage Bunk Beds in Design New Jersey magazine

Shutter Bunks in Mango


Shutter Bunks in Pickle



Shutter Bunks in Blackbird