thank your Lucky Stars for Nano-tex

22 Jul

Nano nano. Mork calling Orson. There’s a little-known-fact about Maine Cottage and their gorgeous fabrics. They’ve arrived at the future of fabric spill and stain-resistance with state-of-the-art Nano-Tex protection on their 200 exclusive Maine Cottage fabrics. This means worry-free enjoyment of Maine Cottage fabrics in every color, print or solid – all thanks to modern nanotechnology. Life at home just got a little bit easier. Truly amazing.

Norma Apartment Sofa in white Pure Linen

Ever dreamt of a light-colored sofa? in a luxurious fabric? No more worries of inevitable household calamities (see top 4 offenders below). Beyond a quick blotting to remove a spill, Nano-Tex protected Maine Cottage fabrics are strong and virtually carefree! And without the harmful chemicals of “spray-ons” whose names we won’t mention… The fabric stays soft, colorfast and breathable. Orson, the protection is inherent. That means permanent! Yes, mind-boggling, but wonderfully true.

Nano-Tex fabric protection is the answer for low-maintenance, beautiful upholstered furniture. Best of all, you’d never even know it was part of the fabric. That is, until beloved Fido jumps on the sofa or your grandchildren arrive for a visit. You get the picture. You’ll thank your lucky stars for Maine Cottage fabric. So long, Orson.

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