a light-hearted Living Room

10 Jul

Can a room embrace you? We think this one does. Its convivial, open, light-hearted spirit makes it a delightful space for entertaining guests.

A Maine Cottage Living Room. Take a 360° “virtual tour” of the Living Room. Click to enlarge image.

Semi-formal in style, this room’s the crown jewel of the designer showhouse we furnished recently in historic Charleston, South Carolina. Transformed by radiant Maine Cottage colors and soft textures, this room sparkles with yellows, oranges and reds – including custom window treatments and seat cushions in brilliant Maine Cottage fabrics (available by-the-yard). And all tying in beautifully with the craftsman-era architecture, parquet flooring, built-in cabinetry and generously proportioned windows.

Maine Cottage colors (l to r, clockwise): Sun, Milk, Ale, Zinnia, Pear, Smoothie, Mango and Rhubarb.

For the full effect, take the 360° “virtual tour” of the Living Room or download it as a printable PDF tearsheet (150K)

Luxe Waffle zinnia-sun

Tweet Suite zinnia

Luxe Yuri ale


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