Savor Summer with Liz Tarpy

27 Jun

Liz Tarpy of Teaberry Productions loves food and loves to write recipes. After working at Maine Cottage for several years, she set out to seek her fortune in the world of food. Now we’re back together collaborating on a Maine Cottage cookbook full of fresh recipes. Here are some of her summertime greatest hits.

Liz Tarpy, Teaberry Productions

The best corn is fresh from the husk. In Maine we relish clambakes with steamed, grilled and boiled corn. Liz’s Trio of Corn recipes are full delicious ideas, including Grilled Corn on the Cob with a Parsley-Garlic Butter, a Mexican Corn Salad, and Corn Fritters with a Chimichurri Dipping Sauce. Yummy!

Turn your summer catch into lunch or dinner with this flavorful recipe. Rainbow trout is a delicacy when it’s grilled over open flames with savory shallots, lemon and garden fresh thyme, then served on a bed of fresh arugula greens. Download Liz’s recipe and try it yourself: Grilled Whole Trout with Lemon and Thyme on Arugula

The fizzy mint-infused flavors of Liz’s spirited Gin Eddy make it a quintessential summer drink. Bubbly, light prosecco combined with the piney, citrus flavors of good gin give it a lift that sets it apart from it’s Cuban relative, the mojito. Serve it over lots of ice and a bowl full of zesty Citrus Spiced Olives. Your friends will thank you.

Gazpacho season is always too short. We wait and wait for tomatoes to ripen as cuke plants wind their way through the garden laden with those plump green gourds. Liz’s version of this chilled soup is simple and versatile. The best ingredients are in your garden or at a local farmer’s market. Chop it all up and puree it into a smooth delight. It’s a refreshing choice on a hot summer’s day. Try Liz’s Good Gazpacho recipe.

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