I'm Really Rosie

12 Jun

Zelda Chairs in Really Rosie

I’m really Rosie
And I’m Rosie Real
You better believe me
I’m a great big deal!

– Carole King

Think of rosy happy cheeks. Remember grandmother’s guest bedroom with the rose patterned wall paper and how mesmerizing it was to stare at and study it for hours. The vines and flowers winding around in swirling circles and shapes.

Soon we’ll have summer gardens bursting with coveted rose buds and blooms – thorny and proud. And another favorite appears, those delicate beach roses on prickly, tickly stems engulfing sandy sun-scorched pathways with their sweet sweet scent.

Of course there’s the thrill of a bouquet from a friend or lover. So fresh, vibrant and tender. Packed together neatly in one bundle of good cheer.

The associations we have with one, a dozen or a garden full of roses are joyful and expressive. We celebrate this famously beautiful flower with the Maine Cottage Really Rosie fabric pattern. Roses are a great big deal.

Maine Cottage Really Rosie

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