the talented Laurie Hadlock, an artist

27 May

Is there someone you think is exceptionally talented? Laurie Hadlock is one of those people for Maine Cottage. We’ve loved working with Laurie over the years on nearly every creative aspect of our company’s marketing efforts. This included the design, layout and editing of our first Colorbooks and initial foray onto the world wide web. Her photography, drawings, handwriting and copywriting in our printed advertising have been invaluable – including our beloved Maine Cottage logo. Most recently, she has styled our room setting photography.

Modest and good-humored, Laurie’s adept eye for color, placement and style has been essential in developing our Maine Cottage brand’s spirited personality. Here’s a clip from our 1998 Colorbook (left) done by Laurie and Carol Bass in lower tech times when we showed products as line drawings (below) and made layouts with scissors and glue!

Maine Cottage product line drawings by Laurie circa 1990s

Laurie “in action” at our photo shoots

Laurie’s life outside of Maine Cottage is rich with her own artwork. With a style reminiscent of American artists Milton Avery and Fairfield Porter, we love the simplicity of Laurie’s coastal landscapes and her more abstract studies of color and pattern. A perennial customer (and Maine Cottage crew) favorite in our stores, Laurie works primarily with oil and acrylic paints, but also does beautiful printmaking and black & white photography. Below are a few recent 6×6 paintings shown on her “Friday Painting Posts” blog. Visit her blog and website:, to see the full breadth of her beautiful work. Enjoy!

Dance Study

After Rain 2

After Rain

Dusk Study

Two Study

Afternoon Study


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