a Maine Cottage Story

19 May

Today Maine Cottage is all about colorful furnishings for the whole home. But how did it begin? There was a time back in the late 80’s when we offered only painted wood furniture – classic and eclectic pieces reclaimed from summer cottages, yard sales and antique shops up and down the coast of Maine. As our popularity grew, we began producing our own designs here in New England, then custom finishing them to order one-at-a-time in 12, then 32, and now 40 color choices.

Russell sprays color by hand

Simon sands every nook and cranny

Today we have a full assortment of home furnishings made and custom-finished to order here in New England and North Carolina. And yet we remain true to our roots and still hand finish furniture in our hometown of Yarmouth, Maine. We call it the “Paint Shop”. It’s the place where we expertly give our furniture that stunning Maine Cottage color treatment (hand spray, hand sand, hand spray, hand sand and pack it up). Here are a few photos of our very skilled Paint Shop crew.

Dave sanding a dresser before its final coat of color

Hand sanding by Mimi

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