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Jane Ryan, Maine artist

29 Mar

Jane Ryan and her paintings are long-time favorites in our Maine Cottage stores. Full of spirit, her wonderful landscapes are alive with color and a strong sense of place. Several of her paintings are included in the Charleston Showhouse – going on now until April 18th. You can find more about Jane on her website: Below are two examples of her work.

River Night

On The River

Lights, Camera, Action – Grand Opening of the Charleston Designer Showhouse

19 Mar

The opening night and first day of the 2010 Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse have been a resounding success. We are all thrilled. The house came together beautifully and despite wet weather, we had a wonderful Preview Party. Peter Bass, president of Maine Cottage, and the hard-working, fabulous crew from our Charleston store: Sara, Amy, Cindy and Erin were all in attendance. We cannot (yet) share all the images of the house as we must maintain that important sense of surprise for those of you who have not yet visited the showhouse, but we can share a few. The house will be open until April 18th in case you need a good excuse to hop in a car or plane to visit lovely Charleston in the Spring.

54 Gibbes Street on opening night

left to right: Amy, Cindy, Sara and Erin of our local store

Opening ceremony in the new Family Room

Landscape painting by North Carolina artist, Jeremiah Miller

16 Mar

Jeremiah Miller

Jeremiah Miller’s paintings are fabulous. Capturing beach, woodland, mountains and seasonal landscapes in a large scale, Miller’s paintings have great presence in the Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse.

Jeremiah resides in neighboring North Carolina. To find out more about Jeremiah Miller, visit: See examples of his work below.

Morning Light, Corolla


M.R. Hedstrom, Maine artist

16 Mar

Mary Ruth Hedstrom is a self-described “painter in a non-representational style”. An artist local to our Maine Cottage store in Yarmouth, Maine, M.R. creates abstractions of great depth by building wax and found objects into layers until an image appears. We appreciate her sense of color, line and patttern. Her pieces are strikingly sublime. Find out more about M.R. Hedstrom on her website Below are two examples of her work.

Good Perfusion

A Piece of Mine

Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse Preview Party & grand opening to the public this week

14 Mar

Where has the time gone? Wednesday March 17th is the Preview Party at 54 Gibbes Street from 6:00 – 9:00pm. Members of our crew and the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League will be present to experience the showhouse fully furnished by Maine Cottage. On March 18th, the showhouse will be open to the public daily 10:00am – 4:00pm until Sunday April 18th. We hope you will join us!

54 Gibbes Street

Encaustics by Maine artist, Gina Adams

14 Mar

We’ve been showing artwork by Maine artist Gina Adams in our Maine Cottage stores for many years. Gina Adams works in a variety of mediums incuding encaustics. The intricate use of color and patterns combined with inherent textural qualities are fascinating up close and from afar. To find out more about Gina’s work visit her website: and see examples of her work below.

Gina Adams

Island life by Maine artist, Martha Baum

14 Mar

We love Martha’s paintings and are pleased to be able to include her work in the Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse. Martha Baum is an artist living and working in Bath, Maine. She looks to the Maine coast for inspiration, using the intense chroma of oils to interpret harbor scenes, capture the feel of small boats, and report all the activities of island life. Each summer, she dedicates several weeks to painting and taking photographs on Monhegan and Vinalhaven Islands.

Martha is a colorist. Her work has been influenced by such artists as Van Gogh, Bonnard, and Matisse. She also loves the stark landscapes of midcoast and northern Maine, and admires the ability of Edward Hopper to capture this area in modern terms. Her love of color and sense of place has resulted in a unique style that is well-adapted to telling the visual story of Maine. Find out more about Martha Below are samples of her work. You can also view her original paintings in our Maine Cottage stores.

Vinalhaven Boathouse

Skip’s Boat, Vinalhaven