Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse interior painted with Color Wheel Paint by Steady Hands Painting Co.

4 Feb

Steady Hands Painting of Charleston will paint the walls of rooms 54 Gibbes Street with Color Wheel Paint in preparation for the installation of Maine Cottage furnishings in the Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse. Ann Kistler and Sara Meyer of Maine Cottage have chosen wall colors to complement our own fabrics and colors beautifully.

Color Wheel Paint sounds appropriate for the southern Charleston waterside conditions and very much like the coastal-appropriate materials and construction methods used by Maine Cottage for our painted wood and rattan furniture. We are well-acquainted with the demands of living near the water and expert at producing furniture to withstand the shrinking and swelling caused by moist environments.

Color Wheel Paint is part of the Orlando, Florida-based Comex Group: “Color Wheel is a leading paint manufacturer dedicated to delivering products formulated to meet the climatic conditions of the Southeastern United States. Founded in 1960, Color Wheel Paint has grown to become the premier paint company in Florida. Based in Orlando, Color Wheel is the number one supplier to homebuilders in key markets throughout the state. Color Wheel’s paints and coatings outperform national brands in terms of chalking and fading less, while better resistance to mildew and organic growth.”

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