Master Bedroom Rendering

8 Jan

Here’s is another rendering by Laurie Hadlock. This time of the proposed Master Bedroom:

Master Bedroom rendering by Laurie Hadlock

Master Bedroom rendering by Maine artist Laurie Hadlock

A brief description of design ideas for the master bedroom:

The Master Bedroom shares the parquetry floors, high ceilings and tall windows of the front rooms. As a private bedroom, the design challenge and solutions present different choices. The goal is to provide a soothing environment. The color selections are a little more beachy to remind the owners the house is located near the ocean and is all about relaxation and family fun. Cheerful, pleasing colors encourage restfulness and a feeling that the owners are on vacation within their own home.

An upholstered bed softens the edges of this otherwise square room. Hand loomed cotton, linen and wool blend bed covers and throws customize the warmth of the bed for changing seasons and to suit a range of preferences. The easy coordination of the bed linens eliminates needless complexity.

Window treatments in the master bedroom add uplifting warmth to the room and meet the challenge of the big windows on the first floor of the house. Artwork is selected to stand up to the scale of the windows. Ample, accessible lighting in the room makes it practical to catch up with reading and enjoy peaceful repose.

54 Gibbes Street Master Bedroom today

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