54 Gibbes Street Central Stairway: then and now

8 Jan

The owner of the Designer Showhouse shared some dramatic house renovation pictures with us.

This series shows the addition of a central stairway. Once very modest and typical (and steep!) of this 1940’s craftsman bungalow style house, the old stairs were utilitarian and understated. The new stairs are quite grand and graceful with sweeping curves, wood treads that tie in with the flooring, and a beautiful period metal railing that leads to the office and bedrooms on the second floor. We plan to add color to the stairwell with some zesty artwork.

Old Stairwell to second floor

Old Stairway before replacement

Carving out the space

Creating space for the new central stairway.

Stairwell New Construction

New Construction of Central Stairway

Brand New Stairway

Beautiful finished central stairway

New Stairway Detail

Elegant metal balustrade detail honors Craftsman tradition

New Stairway Detail

Open landing at the top of the stairway leads into the proposed office space and two bedrooms

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