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Maine Cottage to include work by artist Philip Barter

16 Dec

Philip Barter, artist

Philip Barter

We’re very excited to announce that we are including work by native Maine artist Philip Barter in the Charleston Designer Showhouse. We have a long-term relationship with Barter dating back to the 90’s when we carried vibrant handcrafted Barter Family mirrors by Barter and his son Matt. Today, Barter is represented at many Maine museums and galleries, including The Portland Museum of Art, The Farnsworth Museum and Bates College.

“Philip Barter’s career as an artist has been burning brightly now for more than thirty years. A self-taught artist, Barter single-handedly catapulted himself into the bright and crowded firmament of Maine’s competitive art world. From a virtual unknown artist in 1966, when he began painting at 26, Philip Barter has emerged as one of Maine’s most imaginative, diversified, and prolific artists…his reputation as an innovative stylist and eye-wowing colorist borders on wizardry.” – Lyle Roger North, Philip Barter: The Maine Experience

Here’s an interesting 1992 New York Times article about art in Maine with reference to Barter: ART; Maine, a Source of Inspiration by Vivien Raynor

Little Moose Island, 1974

Blueberry Barren with Oreole, 1991

These two paintings are examples of the vivid work by Philip Barter where he captures coastal and landscape imagery with rich colors and textures woven together to form an expressive narrative. Barter tells the story of the rugged area in Maine known as Down East. Please note: we are still in the process of selecting pieces for the showhouse.


Living and Dining Room Renderings

6 Dec

Just in – here are two of the renderings:

Living Room rendering by Laurie Ladlock

Designer Showhouse Living Room rendering by Laurie Hadlock

Three design elements:
1. Tracy Glover colorful glass art lighting bridges the family’s collection of contemporary art with the Arts and Crafts style of the home.
2. Adult relaxation is made most enjoyable through a combination of comfortable furnishings, lush but not-too-fussy fabrics and vibrant art.
3. Grand architectural elements are made more intimate with fresh color added to the room in wall paint, rugs, and window treatments.

Dining Room rendering by Laurie Ladlock

Designer Showhouse Dining Room rendering by Laurie Hadlock

Three design elements:
1. Butternut dining table and china cabinet (not shown here) bring originality to the room design in the surprising rich color tones and irregular patterns of the clear finished material.
2. Maine Cottage upholstery fabric and cheerful over-the-mantle painting sets a happy, light hearted tone to family gatherings.
3. Comfortable dining room furnishings encourage comfortable catch-up time for family members before, during and after dinner.

Room Renderings for Charleston Home Magazine

2 Dec

Charleston Home to cover the Designer Showhouse

“We are again delighted to cover the Symphony Designer Showhouse on the pages of our Spring/Summer issue of Charleston Home, and this year it’s sure to be better than ever. The most important thing to keep in mind is that +40,000 readers will view your work in our magazine, so it’s important that your submissions to us are as high quality as they can be.”
– Ellen McGauley, Editor Charleston Home

Back in Maine, we are now in the process of gathering a package (a box, really) of materials for the magazine with fabric swatches, color chips and images of select pieces of furniture with a complete description of each room and where each piece will be located within the rooms – all for editorial and magazine photography purposes. We are decorating the entire house, so we’ve chosen 5 rooms to highlight: Living and Dining, Family Room, Master Bedroom, Study and a Child’s Bedroom. They will be accompanied by hand painted renderings by local Maine artist Laurie Hadlock. Needless to say, it’s quite a process!

Room Renderings by Artist Laurie Hadlock

Local Maine Artist Laurie Hadlock is drawing and painting the rooms. As soon as we have them, we will share them. Knowing Laurie’s work, they will be BEAUTIFUL.

Outside of studio painting, Laurie has helped create marketing materials for Maine Cottage for over 15 years. The advertisements, brochures, catalogs and website have included some of her artwork, including paintings, drawings and photographic styling. Laurie works mainly in oils, but also enjoys watercolor, gouache, acrylic, collage and b&w photography.

more about Laurie: