preview of featured Artists & Artisans

21 Nov

Carol Bass, Maine Cottage founder & artist

Carol Bass

We will be featuring the original works of several of our favorite artist and artisans throughout the house, including pieces by Maine Cottage founder, artist and South Carolina native Carol Bass. Carol’s work is alive with bold color, form, and texture that integrates effortlessly with our colorful furnishings. Her artwork will infuse the home with even greater depth and interest. You can view some of Carol’s work online at

Tracy Glover

We love the beauty and originality of these glass lamps from Rhode Island artist Tracy Glover. They are perfect companions to our Maine Cottage style. A rich spectrum of sparkling gem tones is complemented by shapes both pure and playful. Each one creates a dazzling focal point in a room and no two are exactly alike. What they share is the vibrancy of color and light. Each lamp is created according to time-honored glass-blowing techniques. view a few lamps on

Tracy Glover, artist

Brahms Mount in Hallowell, Maine

Brahms Mount

Founded by Claudia Brahms and Noel Mount in 1983, Brahms Mount soft, natural fiber bedding is woven one-at-a-time in a reclaimed mill on antique shuttle looms in Hallowell, Maine. The result is artful, elegant bedding with a loose, easy drape in pleasing colors and rich textures. A long-time favorite of in our stores, Brahms Mount’s bedding will make a lovely companion to bedrooms at the showhouse.
more on Brahms Mount.

Jill Rosenwald

Known for her lively patterned pottery, Jill Rosenwald is a Boston-based artist with whom we collaborate on several ceramic lamp styles. Each one features brilliant exclusive Maine Cottage colors and patterns. The Ball, Teardrop, Column and Tulip shapes and sizes are ideal, solo or as a pair. These beautiful handmade lamps will combine effortlessly with this 1940’s craftsman home. view Jill Rosenwald lamps

Jill Rosenwald

2 Responses to “preview of featured Artists & Artisans”

  1. Carol Rhoad Bass November 22, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    I love the opportunity to come home again! thank you!

    I had Saturday morning art classes at the Gibbes Art School on Queen Street for many years as a kid. That was the start of the circle for me. I grew up on the beaches around Charleston and taught art out on James Island. Any opportunity to spend time once again in this most romantic city is blessed time.

  2. Joan Carver December 8, 2009 at 6:35 pm #

    I am excited to have an opportunity to visit this city again. Our children, now grown, grew up on the beaches of Kiawah and Seabrook Islands, and enjoying the beautiful sights, food, shopping and events of Charleston. My art reflects what I love…and it is because of the beauty of that area…where I had fallen in love with Charleston 30 years ago!!
    If you need another artist’s work, please check out my web-site at and I would be delighted to be included in such a fine project!

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