Design ideas – Living & Dining rooms

15 Nov

Presention Boards due to CSOL for Review

After many hours of design meetings, idea gathering, and consultations within Maine Cottage, Ann Kistler and Sara Meyer have come up with a BEAUTIFUL plan for the many rooms in 54 Gibbes Street. Our very talented marketing crew rendered and assembled the plans onto three big presentation boards of fabric swatches, select furniture pieces, wood and rattan samples, and many color chips. Sara will present the boards and a brief narrative to the CSOL on November 16th.

Sara Meyer, Maine Cottage

Sara Meyer, Director of Retail Operations will make the presention.

A Family Gathering Place in Charleston

The theme for the house is “A Family Gathering Place in Charleston”. Here are a few excerpts from the narrative:

“Charleston is a perfect city for multi-generational family gathering. It’s the reason why the baby boomer generation chooses to own homes here and want to furnish them in family friendly ways. The Maine Cottage furnished house for the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League at 54 Gibbes Street is a fabulous illustration of a home where families may gather at any time of the year.”

“The family gathering place is a sought after ideal. The eldest generation is retired or semi-retired and has the time and financial means to have a place for extended family to enjoy. The grown children have busy lives and appreciate their parents’ generous offer of an inviting home in Charleston to get away as their schedules allow and bring their children (the much celebrated grandchildren) to a relaxing, easy place for all ages.”

“Comfort, joyfulness and practicality are essential in creating a home for multi-generational use. Maine Cottage is a natural fit as our style, fabrics and colors fit the bill beautifully. This home is all about relaxation and happy family memory-making. Rooms full of colorful furnishings fully integrated with original artwork bring even greater depth and interest.”

Design ideas: Living & Dining Rooms

Here is a floor plan of the Living and Dining rooms on the first floor nearest to the front entry to give you a visual of the space.

Floor plan: Living and Dining Rooms

Living Room: warm, simple elegance

Here are the highlights of the proposed Living Room. The plan creates a enticingly radiant collaboration of colors and textures to take advantage of the natural light, emphasize the red-orange of the Parquet floors, and play off the architectural details and of this grand 1940’s craftsman house.

There will be curtains and a seat cushion cover for the built-in windowseat in the Living room all made with Maine Cottage fabrics and the wall behind a built-in china cabinet (not shown on plan) will change from a cool white to a creamy off white. We will round out the composition with original artwork, lighting, area rugs and other accents.

Living Room: proposal highlights

Sara & Amy in front of built-in china cabinet

Living room today

Richly-colored, geometric Parquet floors

Dining Room: warm, spirited, convivial

The well-lit, open Dining Room is spacious with French doors leading to the kitchen, a handsome fireplace, and more built-in cabinets. The dining room easily accomodates seating for 8 or more. We chose a new butternut dining table paired with Jill Dining Chairs in zesty mango Pure Linen. We love butternut for its warmth and fine grain.

Again, there will be curtains made in our fabric (May Flower) and additional upholstered seating and side tables (not shown here) in complementary greens and various textures – creating a stunning visual balance with the adjacent Living Room.

Dining Room: proposal highlights

Dining room today – facing front porch

Dining Room today – French Doors to kitchen, a gracious fireplace

Front Entry


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