you make my Heart Beat Willy-Nilly

14 Feb
Maine Cottage bedroom

Valentine, you make me silly;
You make my heart beat willy-nilly;
When I’m with you, the world is hazy;
Valentine, you drive me crazy!

Valentine, when we’re apart,
My need for you goes off the chart.
Will you be mine? Can I be thine?
Say you’ll be my Valentine!

J. Fuchs

It’s not about fancy repertoire, flourishes and embellishments… At the core it’s about starting, stepping and pausing with the music. All the rest is icing on the cake.

Chris Corby

Maine Cottage bedroom

Beginners want to dance like intermediates; intermediates want to dance like advanced dancers; advanced dancers want to dance like the greats; but the greats always go back to basics.


Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but love’s with us every day. Romantic love, yes, if we’re lucky. And a love for fun, food, music and dance. We love our families, good friends and being at home. At Maine Cottage, we love simplicity. Back-to-basics simple. The kind that means living essentially in a beautiful, practical way. No bells, whistles or extravagance. Comfortable, enduring, inspired, even extraordinary. A place where you’re so content that your heart may (spontaneously) beat willy-nilly!

Maine Cottage

mad about Yellow

10 Feb

Saffron, yeah
I’m just-a mad about her
I’m-a just-a mad about-a Saffron
She’s just mad about me

They call me Mellow Yellow,
Quite rightly

Oh, so yellow…
Oh, so mellow…

– Donovan

six mellow yellow spaces to be mad about

Maine Cottage images (clockwise): Zelda Sofa with Della Cocktail Table, Fiona Love Seat and Celia End Table, Julianna Bed, Bradstreet Upholstery, Libby Sofa in Grand Mum, Della Dining Table with Windsor Chairs

Maine Cottage yellow, yellow-orange and orange fabrics

big style in Better Homes & Gardens

8 Feb

We appreciate how a recent Better Homes & Gardens “Big Style for Small Rooms” Special Interest Publication includes Maine Cottage mentions. The wicker table on the cover isn’t ours, but we’re listed as a source for similar wicker and rattan tables. We also found our Great Island Bookcase in an attractive home office. It looks like True Blue or Iris. And the popular wicker Bistro Chairs in Bluebell or Good Egg are enticing in a sunny dining space.

Maine Cottage in Better Homes & Gardens, special interest

Maine Cottage in Better Homes & Gardens, special interest Maine Cottage in Better Homes & Gardens, special interest

Maine Cottage in Better Homes & Gardens, special interest Maine Cottage in Better Homes & Gardens, special interest

give your Pooch Panache

7 Feb
Maine Cottage Bella Bed

Bella on her Bella Dog Bed in sea Hotty Dotty

Meet Bella

There are scads of ways to spoil your family’s Fido. A dog’s an important family member. An expression and extension of your personality, style and taste. The breed you choose, naming him/her, a handsomely original collar and leash… a pooch is fun to accessorize. And what better way than on a bed that fits in with your favorite Maine Cottage colors and home furnishings?

Maine Cottage Zelda Sofa

Maine Cottage Zelda Sofa in sea Pure Linen with throw pillows in sea Hotty Dotty

We’ve been told how much Fido likes Maine Cottage. This bit of useful insight inspired us to create beds of equal comfort and style. Our Bella Dog Bed (Bella herself is modeling it for us above) is an answer for how to give your pooch the originality and comfort he/she so richly deserves. And you can order one in more than 200 Maine Cottage fabrics to suit your taste. They’re available in 2 sizes, slipcovered with water and stain-resistant Nano-tex protected 100% linen or 100% polyester outdoor fabric, and wrapped around upholstery grade cushions.

Looking at the assortment of beds below you’ll quickly recognize, well, you can come up with your own response… Suffice to say, if you love Maine Cottage, then your dog will love and appreciate a Bella Bed.

images shown are from a variety of sources including Pet Smart, FetchDog, LL Bean and Orvis

seeing Red

3 Feb

When February rolls around we see RED. Red is love. Love is red. We love red too and find great inspiration in red things. Everyday things that catch our eye, command our attention and often make us smile. There’s a comfort in red things. They’re full of life and energy. Even the most inanimate of objects is brought to life by red. At Maine Cottage we describe reds as Tomato, Rhubarb, Zinnia, Poppy, Shrimp, Smoothie and Teaberry. Each one with its own character – as a solid color and in our fabrics. And let’s face it, they are not subtle. Each red is full of warmth, depth and spirit. Even the smallest hint pops and emanates vitality. You may want to try reds at home.

Daisy Dining Chairs

Daisy Dining Chairs in Maine Cottage reds (clockwise):
shrimp, rhubarb, zinnia, poppy, smoothie and tomato

Daisy Dining Chairs

what ales Tulla Tuffet? Ale

31 Jan

Ale is what ales our Tulla Tuffet today. Light, hoppy and happy, the Maine Cottage color Ale exudes the same crisp, warm glow as these beloved brews. Neither a pure yellow nor true orange, Ale is sophisticated and complex. It radiates as a solid color and combines effortlessly with other like colors in fabrics. Fabulous with neutrals and contrasting blues or bluegreens too, I guess you might say Ale’s a truly uplifting, versatile color. Kind of like a fresh pint in a favorite brewpub.

Try a Tulla Tuffet, armchair or sofa in any one of the luminous Maine Cottage fabrics shown here. Ale illuminates wicker and rattan seat cushions too, but we’ll save that for another day. In case you’re curious about what you’re seeing here, we’ve shown the Tulla Tuffet in these fabrics (from top to bottom): Luxe Yuri ale, May Flower pickle, Stripe Tease ale, Really Rosie ale, Tweet Suite sun, Grand Mum clay and Hotty Dotty ale. Request a swatch or buy them by-the-yard.

a Richard Diebenkorn Diversion

28 Jan


Some of you may know (and probably love) the art of Richard Diebenkorn, a California artist from the 1950s into the early 80s whose work was filled with wonderful color studies, strong forms and expressive figures. At a glance, you may ask what’s the relationship between these paintings and Maine Cottage? The answer is color and form. Expressive color composed in varied amounts and simple forms – similarly to how you might compose a room. The way swathes of a color, like cool blues, can balance with a small amount of warm red, orange or yellow. The inherent role of texture, geometry and scale. This is just a sampling, so poke around online or a local bookstore and relish Diebenkorn’s rich body of work. And be inspired on a Friday afternoon.

Girl on Beach

Girl on Beach





a Wale of a Fabric

27 Jan
Maine Cottage Luxe Wale swatches

Luxe Wale in hot lime, sun and zinnia

Maine Cottage Luxe Wale in zinnia

Luxe Wale in zinnia – up close

Richly textured 100% cotton Luxe Wale upholstery fabric on a sofa or chair is like wearing your favorite corduroys. Familiar, casual, relaxed. You know them and love them. Luxe Wale is woven with vibrant yarn-dyed chenille and small scale cotton yarns in a pattern that creates a subtle, appealing ribbed “wale” surface. And those lush colors? Wow. Perhaps they speak for themselves. They’re custom-dyed to coordinate with the rest of our Maine Cottage colors. Our Luxe fabrics: Wale, Waffle, Loop and Yuri give you an unusual and appealing opportunity to get your hands on designer quality fabric without the “To the Trade Only” rigmarole. Available on our furniture and by-the-yard. Imported from Italy. Try it, you’ll love it.

Maine Cottage Luxe Wale in zinnia

Luxe Wale in pear – up close

Maine Cottage Luxe Wale swatches

Luxe Wale in true blue, pear and bluebell


25 Jan

We LOVE it when you send photos of Maine Cottage furniture you have in your home. And tell us how you’re enjoying and living with it. We also LOVE old family photos. The ones that bring a smile to your face. Good memories of visiting or living near the coast, a beach, island or lake, your childhood, time spent with family and friends. And all the fun, adventures and experiences. We love hearing from you.
Tell us your Story!

Maine Cottage

sitting on the Loops of Luxury

24 Jan

Sittin’ in the lap, sittin’ in the lap,
Sittin’ in the lap of luxury, sure feels good to me.
Sittin’ in the lap, sittin’ in the lap,
Sittin’ in the lap of luxury, sure feels good to me. – Louie Louie

Luxe Loop is a yarn-dyed double construction fabric woven with 100% cotton bouclé on the surface and tightly twisted cotton yarns beneath it giving the surface a “nubby” texture. This combination gives it exceptional structure and feel. You’ll love these designer-quality Maine Cottage Luxe fabrics: Loop, Waffle, Wale, Yuri and several Neutrals. Available on our furniture and by-the-yard for your home projects. Imported from Italy through an exclusive arrangement, Luxe fabrics are custom-dyed in richly saturated and neutral Maine Cottage colors alike.

room images top to bottom in Luxe Loop: norma chair, phoebe chair, button throw pillow, clara bed, nina sofa, button throw pillows